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HippoSign Laundromat Signages

We have been committed to give the most understandable infographics (such as pricelist and instruction boards) and attractive signs for our laundromat shop owners. We give the our best service and affordable signage for business owners that are opening laundromat shops all-over Singapore!

Do you own an existing laundromat that you want to change signage or improve?

Do you want your laundromat to be unique looking?

Is your laundry shop new?

We have been working together with contractors and owners this past few years and we surely want you to be our next customer, Contact us and request for a quote or site visit.

We do external signboards:

lightbox, box-up aluminium, acrylic box-up, lighted and non-lighted signs. We also design and fabricate for the internal signs boards: Foamboards, plywood, acrylic, stickers, decals, flyers, business cards and opening banners.

Complete your laundromat shop,

drop us an e-mail at

We will get back to you within 24hrs.

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