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HippoSign Signages for F&B stores (food and beverage)

There are lots of different type of signages nowadays to make your restaurant attractive to your customers and of course, in social media, it is the craze these days! People will snap a photo of their food and the interior of your shop and next day, you're shop goes viral!

HippoSign supplied different types of signages these few years and here are some of our favourite signtypes that we did and think might help you for your restaurant design ideas.


The neon light era has come back once again and it is the trend nowadays. Why? Not only they look good in actual and it is very bright, but neon signs are also very photogenic in photos as well! This neon trend wont die down soon, for sure!


One thing that we like about this signtype is they are blindly bright! and that is a good thing because it attracts customers. Each letter sign can go very big or just the right size to light up the dark areas in your bar or restaurant, double purpose.

Can place around your menu board or sign as well.


Print any graphics you want that matches your interior design or restaurant theme on vinyl stickers. Its a perfect solution for those plain and boring walls or if your wall need touch ups, just cover it up!

Wallpapers are also good as a center piece

or print any graphics to liven up the place.

We hope this signage ideas help you with your restaurant designs and we will post more soon!

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