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Planning for your new office signage?

HippoSign proudly made the in Interior's new aluminium and stainless steel box-up lighted signs.

Planning to have a renovation? We recommend our client IB Interior for your new home!

For more info you may message us here or contact the following: 📱+6587860339 /📱+6583286498

WHAT WE DO: ▪︎ Signboards / Signage ▪︎ Vinyl stickers and frosted sticker ▪︎ NEON LED signs ▪︎ Lightbox or Non-lighted signs ▪︎ Reception signs, Wall or entrance signs ▪︎ Acrylic cut-out letters ▪︎ Customized design and branding ▪︎ Printing from small to large format ▪︎ Business cards, posters, banners ▪︎ PVC/Tarp or digital backdrops ▪︎ Vinyl stickers and frosted sticker ▪︎ Aluminium or stainless steel signs and box-up ▪︎ Logo design and animation ▪︎ Events ...and more!

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